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Journey back in time through the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. See birds and animals in their natural habitats in the remote and magnificent Missouri Breaks country...the White Cliffs, Citadel Rock, Hole-in-the-Wall...these are but a few names that call to mind the splendid isolation of today's Wild and Scenic Upper Missouri. Travel the waterway with Missouri Breaks River Co.

The Upper Missouri River is shallow by nature-we're near the headwaters-and the likelihood of having to off-board the boat in midstream to lighten it, then reboard downstream, is always a possibility on this stretch of river. As the summer wanes the water level drops in a direct relationship to the heat and dryness. It may be necessary at some point to cancel trips, so PLEASE, plan your trips with the flexibility and understanding that allows for this possibility.

NOTICE- Missouri Breaks River Co. is not taking any more reservations for trips in 2014. We are revamping and reorganizing various aspects of the business. We will be bringing new photographic looks at the river and some of the Lewis & Clark flora and fauna. Please stay tuned.

The boat on plane.

Missouri Breaks utilizes an inboard jet boat and specializes in river cruises, tours and day trips in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and downstream thru the C.M. Russell game range. We also offer spectacular land tours through the remote country of the Breaks and its surrounds.

Essentially you charter the boat and we tailor the trip to you. Upstream or down (depending on the season and area) the cruise becomes your voyage of discovery!

View a youtube video of the White Cliffs! click here Trip thru the White Cliffs In 2009 Ulli and Elke Schmotz, a German couple, crossed America sightseeing and researching Karl Bodmer's 1833 trip up the Missouri with Prince Maximillian of Wied. Bodmer was a young Swiss illustrator along on the trip. The majority of Bodmer's work is at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, and is regarded as some of the most painstakingly accurate imagery of Native Americans and the American frontier. Ulli and Elke are working on a modern book on Bodmer and filmed this youtube video on our trip. You will see some of Bodmer's images of the White Cliffs in the video interspersed with the results of their considerable contemporary film talents.

Lewis' flax

Lewis flax is a native. As you might expect the name is derived from Meriwether Lewis. The flowers open in the morning, and petals drop by late afternoon. They are replaced the next morning by new blossoms. In early June they grow openly on the range and especially along the roadsides between Ft. Benton and Coal Banks Landing, the put in point for the White Cliffs river trips. Seeds may be gathered by hand from the plants in midsummer.

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PLEASE NOTE! Sometimes we're on the river--naturally enough--and can't answer the phone. However, WE ALWAYS RETURN OUR CALLS. Please state your call back number clearly (state your number twice even, it doesn't hurt!) and then send an email with the number for a double check. Sometimes there's a power surge, often at the end of summer when lightning is in the area. A surge erases your voicemail message, so email your phone number as well. We will get back to you. Thanks.

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